Strategic Planning
strategic philanthropy
The business world has a long tradition of philanthropic giving, especially over the past century. But over time, the concept of strategic philanthropy has developed as a way to challenge how traditional corporate giving has been conducted. More recently, the wider philanthropic and nonprofit sectors have shifted toward a more business-like approach. This is a...
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bill pay service
In this increasingly digitalized world, it seems that there are always new programs and platforms advertised to make our lives easier. Some actually do so, while others do not. In this article, we will discuss a digital advance that really can save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress (especially if you are a...
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acquisition strategy
In the business world, acquisitions are generally associated either with growth or a lack thereof. If your business is looking to expand, acquisitions (implemented with a solid acquisition strategy) can be a powerful and effective way to achieve that. However, acquisitions are a complex process complete with many legal, financial, and business details to sort...
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strategic planning process
Strategic planning is one of those business buzzwords that is talked about but does not always turn into action. It should turn into action though. This is because strategic planning is one of the most important things you can do to improve your business’s chances of success and sustainability. It takes some time, sure, but...
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