business owner
personal cfo
As a business owner, you simply cannot do it all. No matter how smart you are at what you do. You cannot be an expert in every area of your financial life. A personal CFO (or Chief Financial Officer) may just be the essential part that is missing. At Saddock Advisory, our team’s wealth of...
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business exit strategy
An exit plan enables a business owner to liquidate or reduce his or her portion of a business, should that time in a business’s life arise. A business exit strategy describes and outlines the form that an exit transition will take. Successful businesses will make a substantial profit when reducing or exiting a business. On...
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business leaders vacation
If you know anything about Saddock Advisory, then you know that we’re all about relationships. Sure, we’re your go-to guys when it comes to finances, but most of our clients stay because we offer so much more than financial expertise! In fact, most of our clients have been around since we started in the 80s!...
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