If you know anything about Saddock Advisory, then you know that we’re all about relationships. Sure, we’re your go-to guys when it comes to finances, but most of our clients stay because we offer so much more than financial expertise!

In fact, most of our clients have been around since we started in the 80s! Keeping with our mission of providing useful info to our followers, today we want to cover some tips that are appropriate for the summer season coming up. As a business owner and leader, it can be challenging to take a step back every once in a while, but we’re here to tell you it’s time to take that vacation!

If you’re the business owner who hasn’t allowed yourself to take some time off or is constantly checking your phone rather than enjoying downtime, keep reading for insight into how you can finally take vacation.


Eight Tips for the Business Owner’s Worry-Free Vacation

Like we said before, we can offer so much more than just financial guidance, so read on for some important info on how you can take a step back from your business and enjoy a well-deserved break.


1. Delegation is Key

One way you can ensure your business is in good hands is to empower your employees, and this will take place well in advance to vacation. When you have a company culture of trust and support, you can truly step away from work knowing your business is in good hands and that you don’t have to check in every few hours.

Designate decision makers in case something major were to come up while you’re away.


2. Make a Detailed Plan

If you feel there are too many moving pieces or there’s a big project in the works while you’re out, craft an outline that you can leave with your employees. This is more than a to-do list, this plan allows your team to see what needs to be done and how it all fits together.


3. Set Boundaries

Before you go, make sure you are clear on what constitutes an emergency with your staff. Setting clear boundaries will cut down on the amount of times you get called, texted, or emailed on situations that really don’t require your attention.

If you have clients who are accustomed to your undivided attention, make sure they know you’re going to be out well in advance and set expectations of when you plan to be online and responding to messages again. Again, let the client know who will be answering questions on your behalf, for a smoother transition.


4. Meet with Your Finance Team

Routine meetups with your Saddock Advisory team can help put your mind at ease that any money related matter can be handled while you’re out. We can implement emergency plans and organize financial buffers should emergency strike in your absence.


5. Schedule Check-Ins

Completely unplugging isn’t always possible, we understand, so if that’s the case with your work, schedule a few check-ins throughout your vacation so you have set times your team knows you’re available. It could be checking and responding to emails early in the morning or late at night, or maybe giving your team an hour window a few times a week where they can call if absolutely necessary.


6. Check Your Calendar Twice

Before leaving on vacation, make sure you know what the future holds. Review your calendar so that you can start pre-planning and know what to anticipate when you’re back from vacation. You can make a list of items you know colleagues and clients may need from you when you’re back on your regular schedule.


7. Set Your Autoreply Email

This is such a simple step, yet many people forget to do this because they’re so focused on the bigger tasks! Here’s your reminder to set an autoreply email that explains you’re out of office, when you’ll return, and who to contact while you’re absent.

Go ahead and do the same for your voicemail!


8. Take a Break

You’ve put in the heavy lifting and made plan after plan, now comes the fun. You can step back and relax! If completely disconnecting isn’t realistic, then give yourself a time limit to check in each day, but for the most part we hope you’ll enjoy your well-deserved vacation!


When’s the last time you took a vacation? Were you able to disconnect during your time off? We know just how stressful it is to step back when you’re leading a business, but with the right team and plan it is totally possible.

We hope that these eight tips were helpful and may have even inspired you to plan some time off! If you want to learn more about our services and what we can offer you and your company, let’s talk!


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Business Leaders: Take A Worry-Free Vacation!
Do you own a business, and you're planning a vacation but worried your business could suffer while you're away? See how to make your time away stress-free.

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