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The Importance of an Investment Strategy for When Selling Your Business

You have put a lot of effort for a long time to develop your business to its fullest potential. The success of your company will determine whether selling it is a smart decision. Selling your company can be a successful and rewarding investment that will add even more to your achievement. When you get to […]

Outsourcing a CFO is a Great Investment for Your Business

In today’s economy, many companies from start-ups to private equity-backed firms and all businesses in between, outsource many functions of their business. This is one strategy to handle the financial difficulties that many businesses encounter.   Outsourcing is necessary for a variety of reason and circumstances, including the requirement for greater financial leadership. Outsourced CFO consulting […]

Develop a Solid Strategic Plan for Your Business 

Does your business have a plan for when the unexpected happens?  Is your plan to figure it out day-by-day, or do you understand the business advantage of having a strategic plan in place?   Saddock Advisory believes that strategic planning is a must for a business of any size. A solid strategic plan makes your company […]

Hiring An M&A Consultant For 2022

Do mergers and acquisitions play a part in your growth strategy? As your business grows and you close deals, does your business model include mergers and acquisitions that align with your business as it grows? Are you using M&A services to help you see the bigger picture? What are your long-term goals for your business? […]

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6 Ways to Minimize Problems When Acquiring a Company

When looking to buy a business with a solid strategy in place, you’ll gain a lot of benefits. We will discuss some steps that will minimize drawbacks. Business owners can enjoy success and achieve the many benefits by applying these steps.  Setting a Goal is the First Step Towards Success  Do you have clarity on […]

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What To Know Before A Business Audit

Conducting an annual business audit is important for everyone. In brief, an audit is an evaluation of the financial statements of a business. And as your company grows, it is important to track your finances. Our professional team at Saddock Advisory can help you with auditing your company. Business audits help you work efficiently, all […]

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Tax Planning 2022: Hold On To Your Documents!

What is your tax plan for 2022? Because it’s that time of year again. This year, just like any year, if the IRS audits you, you will need to have supporting documentation. But the IRS is dealing with backlogs of unprocessed tax returns that date back to 2020. So, like you, they are also wading […]

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The Power of Compound Interest

Do you have enough money saved for your children’s education? What about for your golden years? There is still time to put your money to work and accomplish these and other financial goals in your life. And it’s simple. The key is to utilize the phenomenon of compound interest. Compound interest can help grow your […]

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How Financial Identity Theft Could Affect You

Identity theft can occur both on and offline. It is a universal problem, one that leads to stress and inconvenience. Understanding what it is will go a long way to minimize the risk of falling prey. Unscrupulous identity thieves are using sophisticated methods more now than ever. In this modern reality, you need to know […]