Tax Planning
tax planning
What is your tax plan for 2022? Because it’s that time of year again. This year, just like any year, if the IRS audits you, you will need to have supporting documentation. But the IRS is dealing with backlogs of unprocessed tax returns that date back to 2020. So, like you, they are also wading...
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tax advisor
Are you a US citizen living abroad? Are you confused and not sure what the regular filing procedures are for taxes in 2022? A tax advisor will make a world of difference. Are you looking for a professional tax advisor to help you with your Federal Income Tax Returns? Saddock Advisory has a team of...
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tax planning for retirement
Will I be paying taxes when I retire? It’s a question you should definitely be considering. This is where being smart about tax planning for retirement comes into play. You can enjoy your golden years without the worry of paying taxes and preserve your life’s savings to continue living in comfort. The secret lies in...
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tax changes
Although every year comes with minor changes to the tax code, the last year and a half have been a tumultuous time. Especially when it comes to changes to tax rates, brackets, deductions, and more. In this article, we will discuss some of the major tax changes in 2021, and review their various advantages and...
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tax planning for business
With tax season approaching, we thought it was as good a time to discuss tax planning. In general, tax planning is not an easy feat, especially for a business owner. Just thinking about figuring out tax credits, tax liabilities, capital gains taxes and more sends many people into  panic. There is a lot more information...
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