Investment Management
young people discussing ideas
It’s never too early to start taking control over your finances. Therefore, taking time to learn about finances and how to manage your money will prepare you for success in the long run. Unfortunately, many young adults do not have access to financial education, planning, and money management tips from high school or from other...
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middle aged man showing a graph related to financial matters
You have put a lot of effort for a long time to develop your business to its fullest potential. The success of your company will determine whether selling it is a smart decision. Selling your company can be a successful and rewarding investment that will add even more to your achievement. When you get to...
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compound interest
Do you have enough money saved for your children’s education? What about for your golden years? There is still time to put your money to work and accomplish these and other financial goals in your life. And it’s simple. The key is to utilize the phenomenon of compound interest. Compound interest can help grow your...
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types of financial goals
We refer to financial goals as investments, savings, and targets for spending. Financial goals are put in place for you to make achievements over the short, mid, and long-term. We determine our goals by our current stage of life, but no matter what, it is paramount that we have goals of some kind.   Add...
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wealth management advisors
At Saddock Advisory, we’re always advocating the use of wealth management advisors. While it’s a topic we’ve touched on before, there is no time like the present to expand on it further. A wealth management advisory service usually combines a range of financial services, all with the aim of setting you up for financial success,...
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