Financial Planning and Analysis
business audit
Conducting an annual business audit is important for everyone. In brief, an audit is an evaluation of the financial statements of a business. And as your company grows, it is important to track your finances. Our professional team at Saddock Advisory can help you with auditing your company. Business audits help you work efficiently, all...
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compound interest
Do you have enough money saved for your children’s education? What about for your golden years? There is still time to put your money to work and accomplish these and other financial goals in your life. And it’s simple. The key is to utilize the phenomenon of compound interest. Compound interest can help grow your...
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risk analysis methods
Predicting and analyzing risk is a difficult endeavor, especially since it involves anticipating unforeseen and adverse events. Of course, these events are hard to anticipate and even harder to plan for. But, risk analysis is essential to the success of any business. Although it is highly unlikely that you will be able to anticipate risk...
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business financial planning
Most financially minded people would agree that planning for your financial future is extremely important – and it absolutely is. What sometimes gets overlooked, though, is planning for your business’s financial future. Many business owners have personal and family financial plans, but may have forgone, or put off, financial plans for their businesses. There are...
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financial planning and analysis
Financial Planning and Analysis, or FP&A, is one of the most important components of a company’s financial health. There is a reason FP&A professionals are highly specialized and valued within organizations. The work they do, if done well, will drive almost every aspect of their company’s strategies, goals, and overall value. The power and capabilities...
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