As a business owner, you simply cannot do it all.

No matter how smart you are at what you do. You cannot be an expert in every area of your financial life. A personal CFO (or Chief Financial Officer) may just be the essential part that is missing.

At Saddock Advisory, our team’s wealth of knowledge enables us to provide advice on all money matters. We believe that this in-depth approach will lead to better decisions, better results, and an all-around enhanced financial experience for you.


Everyone Needs One – a CFO, That Is!

Everyone wins when using the services of a chief financial officer. Whether you are a rock star, a professional sportsperson, or a business. A CFO will supervise and coordinate the efforts of attorneys, accountants, and everyone in-between involved in financial planning.

Other professionals involved in your financial matters could include your financial planner and investment coordinator. You could also have someone taking care of estate planning and managing any trusts you might have. You need more than a financial professional to manage your team of professionals.

In all probability, you would be too busy taking care of the nuts and bolts of your business to attend to managing a team. Engaging the services of a personal CFO could be the answer to help you reach your financial goals.


Making A Daily Difference

Your CFO will stay on top of your financials. This will free you up so that you can focus on what matters most to you. We take care of your daily financial needs, such as budgeting, tax planning, control of centralized documentation, and record-keeping.

Your CFO is there to take care of every aspect of your personal wealth. These could include retirement planning, investment recommendations, and cash flow management.


The #1 Asset Of A Personal CFO 

The one thing that a personal CFO can give you that money simply cannot buy is TIME. A personal CFO collaborates with busy individuals by focusing on some of the most important aspects of their financial affairs. High achievers feel the pressure of a world filled with noise and clutter. It is time to take the edge off and remove the pressure of having to do everything yourself.

Truly successful individuals are finding that managing their careers, finances, and personal matters is an overwhelming prospect. It could be a balancing act you simply don’t want to participate in.

To achieve the success you aspire to, you might discover that partnering with professional advisors will free you up to focus on other aspects of your life and business.


Company CFO vs. Personal CFO

Another thing to consider is that the duties of a company CFO are usually limited to the goals of the finances of a business. The responsibilities of a personal CFO include looking at the finer details of an individual. They can see the bigger picture on a more personal side of a businessperson, making them even more of an asset.

Most successful entrepreneurs and individuals rely on their professional team to assist. Personal CFOs are all-encompassing professionals with a broad financial view. They are there to give more than financial advice. By taking a holistic approach and making smart decisions, your personal CFO will open the right doors for you on an individual level.


What Does a Top-Notch Personal CFO Look Like?

Your ideal personal CFO will give their undivided attention to your unique needs. The idea is to balance standard practices with a certain element of boldness. It is not about the needs of large corporates being met. Instead, their work is about answering the needs of the individual client in their individual situation. They offer much more than just general information.


3 Attributes A Top-Notch Personal CFO Should Possess:

1. An In-Depth Knowledge of Tax Law

Tax laws are constantly changing. The most astute CFO’s keep abreast of any changes in tax laws. These include pinpointing ways to save your tax dollars.

If you don’t already have a CFO, Saddock will help: we tackle everything from financial planning to risk management and everything in-between. Whether it is investment advice, life insurance, or asset allocation, your personal CFO is there to take care of their client’s financial situation.

Let us strengthen your financial understanding by providing insights that will help you move into the future. We apply intelligently aggressive tax strategies that will align with the IRS. We show you how best to free up funds for clever investing through our extensive suite of services.


2. The Ability to See the Numbers from All Angles

Popular points of view often lead to advice that is unimaginative and untailored. A good personal CFO will help you by thinking out of the box.

At Saddock, we pride ourselves on understanding problems from a range of perspectives. Our team of experts leaves nothing to chance. We will evaluate all the finer details and use the best judgment to get results of building wealth for you.


3. A Belief That Communication is Key

Top-notch CFOs respond to your phone calls and emails on time, every time. They are there whenever you need answers and will keep you in the loop constantly. Personal CFOs will update you regularly on all work in progress. An excellent personal CFO combines these attributes with creative ideas on all fronts.

Personal CFOs constantly offer new opportunities on how to make and save money. There will be boom times and there will be lean times; your personal CFO should be there during both.

A personal CFO is there for you no matter what you need to take care of. This could range from the home to business to personal matters. Let our team of professional money managers assist.


Saddock Will Help Set You Up

At Saddock Advisory, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with guidance you can trust. We see the big picture with attention to the finer details. By putting your goals first and maximizing tax savings, solutions are individualized.

Your personal CFO offers clients a suite of services, whether home or business; our experts will get it done. Saddock Advisory is taking service to the next level.

Schedule a meeting here to get the process started.



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Why You Should Hire A Personal CFO
Handing off financial management to a personal CFO will free you up to focus on what matters most to you while your money is handled.

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