Social Security For HNW Individuals – Is It Worth It?

It’s not unusual for high-net worth investors to pass on their Social Security. It seems to be especially commonplace to believe these benefits are insignificant when compared to other assets. However, the truth is that when done correctly, Social Security payments could be an integral tool in retirement and estate planning.   What’s the Big […]

Maximize Your Charitable Donation Benefits

It’s the Season of Giving, and chances are your mailbox has piled up with requests from various charity organizations for a donation. Arts, community, education, animals, global needs…there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a cause to support. The end of the year is an expensive time, but it’s also a time to […]

What You Need to Know About CFO Consulting

Size doesn’t matter. Small business or a major corporation, the success of your company may be missing a key part if you don’t have a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).   Has your business has recently grown? Or maybe you’ve been approached for an acquisition or merger? Or do you need an expert’s guidance for financial […]

Tax Reform and the “20% Deduction”

In December 2017, the most sweeping tax reform since 1986 was passed into law.  While we believe this reform is a win for most business owners, taxpayers should be mindful about the impacts these reforms can have on their businesses, as taxes represent a large % of expenditure.  As savvy business owners know, proper tax planning translates into additional operating capital to support operations and growth.