2019 is just another chapter of the Digital Age we’re living in. And with this age of great technological breakthroughs and accessibility, it’s easy to forget just how big of a deal some of our devices really are. With online banking, cash apps, and notes that sometimes store passwords and important info at our fingertips, it’s surprising that people aren’t more cautious.

A smartphone may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is they store a LOT of sensitive data. And if you’re not actively protecting it, you may be opening up yourself and your business to disaster.

Ready to pay more attention and take the necessary steps to safeguard your data? Here are our best tips.


Don’t Make These Eight Security Mistakes on Your Smartphone

1. Auto-lock Your Phone

Sure, it may seem annoying to keep your phone password protected or to enter in a password every time you pick up your phone, but we can guarantee that it’s way less annoying than dealing with identity theft.

Your information is vulnerable if your phone falls into the wrong hands, so take these small steps to keep yourself and your info safe.


2. Update Your Apps

This may not seem like a big deal, but when you use outdated apps and software, you’re actually creating a pathway for security vulnerabilities. Always update your software as soon as you’re notified of a new one and keep your apps up to date.


3. Sign Out of Certain Apps

Do you use any kind of cash app, banking app, or any other app that has your financial information stored?

Whether it be a bank account number or your credit card number, it’s a big deal and you should sign out of the app every time you’re finished using it.


4. Never Click on an Unsolicited Link

Whether it’s an email or a text, if you click on a link that you didn’t inquire about or seemed to have arrived suspiciously, you could be inviting cyber criminals on to your device.

Most people think if they’re on their phones they are safe, but that’s NOT the case at all. Bogus links can lead cyber criminals straight to your financial credentials.


5. Be Wary of Public Wi-Fi Networks

A major security risk is joining public Wi-Fi networks because hackers can easily and remotely access your info.

Sending a quick email to your financial advisor while sitting in Starbucks? A hacker can access your device. Or perhaps you log in to your banking app to transfer money to your child, hackers can access that as well.

Consider using a VPN (virtual private network) when connecting to public Wi-Fi.


6. Turn Off Your Bluetooth

Hackers can now gain access to your devices via Bluetooth and they only need to be within 30 feet of you to do so. Switch off your Bluetooth whenever not in use and keep the hackers out.


7. Erase Sensitive Data

We recommend erasing any sensitive data you may have stored, such as PIN numbers, credit card numbers, bank account passwords, etc.

All it takes is one clever criminal to figure out your passcode is the same to your online accounts and you’ll be left with a catastrophe.


8. Utilize Privacy Settings

Certain apps have various privacy settings, so when they’re available, take advantage of them!

This could mean a few things:

  • Adding two-factor authentication when signing on to your bank account from your phone
  • Using a fingerprint verification
  • Never saving your login info
  • Disabling geolocations


Be Prepared

Contingency plans are key – for every situation – if you want to make sure you’re covered come hell or high water. Putting some protective measures into play now can help save you from all the “What ifs” after disaster has already occurred.

Be sure to take the necessary measures to educate yourself, your loved ones, and your employees about safe smartphone practices and the potential dangers of these mistakes. If you’re wondering how to keep yourself and your business safe from other risks, we can help!


Schedule a consultation with one of our experts and we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to keeping your finances safe and in order. You can learn more about our services here. And when you’re ready, fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch!


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How Your Smartphone Puts Your Finances At Risk
If you have a smartphone then you have likely made one of these 8 security mistakes. Make sure you and your finances are safe by following these tips!

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