CFO’s make your company smarter, can help you grow faster, and provide you with an all-around solid strategy for achieving success. Even if you feel your business can’t bring on a CFO, hiring a CFO consultant is a great option—and can give your business valuable insight.

With that being said, all CFO consultants aren’t the same and each will have their own approach. When seeking a consultant, it’s important to find one who fits your organization’s individual needs and goals and matches your company culture.

With this in mind, here are some characteristics to consider when seeking a CFO consultant.


Nine Tips for Finding the Right CFO Consultant

A CFO can play a lot of roles, but in general they are the strategists. While you’ll want to find one who meets your unique goals, here are a few general qualities every CFO should have.


1. Always looking at the big picture

Great CFOs have a plan for everything down to the smallest detail. When discussing guidelines, projects, proposals, etc. see how your CFO consultant responds.

Do their plans seem to cover all the bases?


2. Adaptability

Top CFOs know that change is good, especially ones in consultant positions. They’re ready and anticipating change in ways that allow them to find the best way to be successful.


3. They’re curious

You want your CFO consultant to question everything and look at your organization through the lens of “what if…?” or “how can we improve that?”. Asking these questions will help you and your business avoid complacency and take every opportunity for growth.


4. They’ll be frank

The best CFO consultants tell it like it is and they’ll be direct with you and your team. Being frank doesn’t mean being rude, but it does mean that everyone will be on the same page and the best plan of action will be put into place.


5. Foresight

Going hand in hand with big picture thinking, a CFO with foresight will be able to provide recommendations to improve outcomes of possible events, changes, or opportunities.



When looking to outsource a CFO position for your company, the above five traits are proven to be common among all top CFO consultants. As you explore potential options for a CFO consultant, keep these qualities in mind.

In addition, you should consider the following areas when seeking the right CFO for your organization.



6. Passion for your industry

Sure, you want a CFO who is a financial whiz, but it can’t hurt to have a finance guru who also has passion, knowledge, or experience in your industry as well. Get the most out of your interim CFO by finding one who has a background in your field.


7. Cultural fit

If a CFO doesn’t mesh well with your management team, it’s not likely they’ll have much of an impact, at least not a positive one. Trust and shared values are essential for effective and quality decision making, discussions, and problem solving.

Does your potential CFO consultant understand your business, your mission, how your team operates?

Expectations should be mutually clear.


8. Great leadership skills

Even if you’re bringing in a CFO for a short time, they should be strong leaders. Effective and successful interim CFOs are able to come in and make big improvements because they have expertise, experience, and can onboard quickly while rallying your team around clearly defined objectives.


9. Full range of financial knowledge

An expertise in finance is expected, but if you want a great CFO, you’ll want to look for one who has experience in a wide variety of areas. This could be strategic planning, investments, risk managements, etc.

The Saddock Advisory team has experience with all of the above!



The “right” CFO consultant for your organization will differ from others. When embarking on this adventure you should keep your own goals, history, and needs in mind above all else. What is your company looking for? Just as all CFOs won’t be the same, all businesses aren’t the same either!

We hope that these qualities to look for are helpful as you explore potential CFO consultants for your business.

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