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When it comes to financial planning, most business owners tend to concentrate on the here and now, and for good reason. Operating a small business demands paying attention to many details, ranging from customer service to marketing. Consequently, long-term financial planning often becomes secondary to immediate needs and concerns.  

However, having a business financial advisor to act as your personal CFO can be a game-changer, regardless of your business size or sector.  A business financial advisor is an asset that minimizes risk and propels growth in the most suitable ways possible. Additionally, a financial advisor can help you monitor the future potential of your finances and tax preparation services or accounting services for your business.  

So, what aspects of financial planning does a business owner have to keep ahead of, and how can a dedicated resource like Saddock Advisory help? The answer is far-reaching but can be segmented into the professional services that will boost your business now and for decades to come.  

Tax Planning Services 

As every business owner knows, tax preparation is a yearly complicated challenge. Often, individual and business expenses can be tied together, and opportunities for credits and deductions can be missed due to deadlines and a lack of time. IRS audits are far more common for small business owners of all varieties, from owners who use a home office to those who routinely handle cash. Moreover, the combination of a higher risk for audit and heftier taxes can cause financial headaches that last all year. 

It is understandable that most business owners are overwhelmed with responsibilities and cannot oversee their financial obligations. They often struggle to keep track of expenses, maintain financial records, and stay informed about national or statewide tax changes affecting their bottom line.  To fulfill tax obligations and filing requirements, while minimizing taxes, small businesses need specialized accounting and tax services.   

By enlisting a business financial advisor for your company’s annual and routine tax preparation and accounting, you can take a heavy burden off your shoulders.  It will also help you to have peace of mind that your annual tax preparation is in solid and capable hands. 

Hiring a Business Financial Advisor 

As stated, a business financial advisor will tackle the day-to-day financial obligations like tax preparation. However, the best advisors can accomplish miles more than simple accounting and tax services for small business owners. 

A financial advisor helps you with budgeting, managing cash flow, and tracking financial performance in the here and now. But they can also go a step further and use imperative data to find new financial opportunities along the way. 

For example, a business financial advisor will review your insurance and financial needs, find ways to minimize costs in various sectors of your business, and, arguably most importantly, find opportunities for future growth. Expanding your business to new locations or arenas and seeking investments for outstanding long-term outcomes are strategic moves. Your business advisor is your own CFO, providing expert financial guidance without the expense of an in-house financial expert.  

How to Select the Right Business Financial Advisor 

When it comes to finding the best financial advisor for your business, there are a few key factors to consider. 

  • Experience. You want a partner with decades of experience assisting clients across all industries so you can rest assured that your business’s financial future is in professional and capable hands.   
  • Versatility. Your business financial advisor should be able to adapt and evolve just as your company does and should be able to perform a range of functions – from accounting and tax preparation to long-term performance analysis – depending on your business’s evolving needs. 
  • Dedication. Your business financial advisor should be on call now and, more importantly, years from now so that you have a constant resource when new challenges or opportunities arise. 

 The Best Financial Planning Services for Your Business With  Saddock Advisory 

Saddock Advisory has nearly 40 years of experience overcoming challenges for our clients, and we have built years of trust with businesses like yours by putting the needs of our clients first every step of the way. 

From easing the burden of tax preparation to collaborating on a long-term strategy for growth, our exceptional team of financial experts can assist with any hurdles. Our financial experts can also pave the way to a strong financial future. 

When it comes to financial planning, you don’t have to do it alone. Saddock Advisory can serve as your personal CFO to ensure that your business thrives now and well into the future.  

Contact us today to start a conversation about your current financial challenges and how we can help. 

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