Are you a Baby Boomer or even a member of Generation X who is still frustrated in your relationships with Millennials? Making the adjustment to the Millennial Mindset has been a challenge for many. But with some insight and a deeper understanding everyone can make changes for the better.

Please note that we are working in generalities here — not everyone is going to fit into every definition. You may be a millennial who thinks like a Baby Boomer. Or a Baby Boomer who thinks like a Millennial. Or you may be a Gen-X-er stuck in the middle not sure what to think. The key here is understanding and respecting mind-sets so that we can all work together harmoniously and get the job done.


Who Are the Millennials ?

By now we are sure you have a sense of what a Millennial is in terms of generation measurements. But so that we are clear, Millennial is a term for the cohort that follows Generation X. Millennials were born in the 80’s— mid 90’s. Pew Research Center offers a more in depth definition in their article “Defining generations: Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins”.

The reason there is such a large gap in the perspectives, attitudes and behaviors between you and the Millennials is multi-fold.

The following are a few things to keep in mind when digging deeper into the Millennial mind-set.


Millennials Working in Your Company

This generation has never lived offline. They have always had instant access to everything and were born into an already sophisticated digital landscape. The world moves very quickly for Millennials.

They are the most ethnically diverse generation in the country. And they are more accustomed to dealing with a diverse range of people because they have had access to the world-wide web since they were born. They work incredibly well with just about anyone.

This generation has the least number of challenges around connecting with people from different cultures. They are also accustomed to blending cultures. Use this to your advantage in your company.


When Hiring Millennials in Your Company

Millennials prioritize meaning over money. Millennials want to feel like their work is purposeful. They prefer not to take a job just for the sake of having a job.

So keep this in mind as you hire and work with them. And if you do so, by offering them more than just a paycheck, they will work hard for you and your company.

By adding purpose and value to your staff’s work you will also enhance your business culture. As a result, this will attract more long-term employees.

Interviews with Millennials

Millennials were born into and raised during an unstable economy that experienced massive turnover rates, a competitive business environment, and business closures. Because of the unstable business market that shaped their youth, they expect to leave a position in a very short amount of time. In the old days the bargain between employee and company was solid: “you work hard and in exchange, we’ll give you security and stability”.

The days of long-lasting jobs, dues paying hierarchies, and pensions are over. And millennials know this. They need proof that the work that you offer is going to benefit them now. They need this proof as early as the interview process or they will move on.

Therefore, get to the core of a Millennial candidate’s intentions quickly. This way you can leverage what they will gain in professional equity and skill set as early as the interview process.

Questions to ask include:

  • What does the employee want from us?
  • What are we providing the employee in exchange?
  • Eventually, what does the employee want in the long term? The short-term?
  • And finally, what do they want from their career?


If you can set aside preconceived notions and build relationships with an open mind, many of your difficulties with your younger cohorts will disseminate. So, look to the positive — this generation may be the bridge you are looking for between your company and the fast-changing technological world we live in.

Also, don’t forget, every generation looks to the next generation with some sort of judgement. In the 50’s and 60’s the older generation thought that rock n roll music— that very music you grew up loving— was disgraceful.


At Saddock, Better Decisions Are Our Business

At Saddock Advisory we know that progress and transformation happen when we courageously adopt new ways of thinking, living and working. If you are having trouble adapting with regard to financial goals, we’ve got solutions. Get in touch with us here.

Now let’s get ready for Generation Z!


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More Millennials than ever work in your company, and this trend will continue. See the benefits of their presence in the workforce, and tips for hiring.

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